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Customizing Georgia’s Look and Feel

Georgia has a ton of different ways you can customize the theme so that it looks and acts the precise way you want it to. Many of the customization options here are available entirely from the Options menu or various right click context menus, but some of them may require editing the configuration file.


See the artwork documentation for more information on configuring how artwork is displayed within Georgia.

Button Icons

function icons

The 2.0 release introduced a new function button icon set, and added the ability to switch sets, as well as automatically recognizes new sets. You can switch back to the original function icons through the options menu:

Options menu

If you don’t like either of the icon sets, you can easily create your own by adding a new folder to the \georgia\images\icons folder. Each set contains a 32 and 64 folder which will contain 32x32 and 64x64 icons respectively. Each folder will need to contain a playlist.png, library.png, lyrics.png, star.png, properties.png, and settings.png. Once all of those conditions are satisfied, the theme will be able to find the new set, and it will automatically be populated in the “Function icons set” menu.

Customizing track information

Track Info

You have partial control over the display of track information in the upper right corner. The first info “group” displays information about the codec and codec profile and is not currently configurable. Everything after the first “|” can be modified.

The rest of the trackInfo line is specified in settings.extraTrackInfo. By default it shows the bitrate and sample rate (if they are not 16/44.1) and then displays replay gain info if it’s present. Say you wanted to replace ReplayGain with LUFS, you could update the settings.extraTrackInfo to be:

"$ifequal(%samplerate%,44100,, |$ifgreater($info(bitspersample),16, $info(bitspersample)bit,) $div(%samplerate%,1000).$left($right(%samplerate%,3),1)kHz)[$if(%replaygain_track_gain%, | LUFS $puts(l,$sub(-1800,$replace(%replaygain_track_gain%,.,)))$div($get(l),100).$right($get(l),2)dB,)]"


When editing the track info, you should separate different “groups” of information with a “|” because the theme will crop out sections when there is not enough room to display without running under the cdArt or albumArt:



Customizing other areas of Georgia

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