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Title-Formatting Strings

This following table contains every property in the title_format_strings config object, what it’s used for, and where it appears in the UI

Property Description Location
album_subtitle Usually an un-official name for the album; Weezer’s “Blue Album” In brackets and italics next to the album name at the top of the metadata grid and in the playlist header
album_translation A translated title for the album Wrapped in brackets next to the album’s name in the metadata grid
artist_country The name or 2-letter abbreviation of the artist’s country used for showing flags images. Can be multi-value. Beside the artist’s name
artist How the artist’s name should be formatted Anywhere the artist is shown
date The full date listed for the album. Shows YYYY-MM-DD if possible. In the Playlist header if “show full date” is enabled
disc_subtitle The subtitle for the current disc, or group of tracks if you wish to separate groups of tracks in the playlist In the metadata grid, and in the playlist
disc The disc being played – by default only shows if more than one disc exists Above the progress bar and in the playlist disc row headers
edition The edition of the album. Typically only used if different than the standard release. Shown in the playlist group header
last_played The last time the current song was played Used to calculate the right edge of the played section of the timeline
lyrics Used for the embedded lyrics check If evaluates to text, will be shown when the lyrics button is pressed
original_artist The original artist that either wrote or performed the song Shown in the italics next to the title above the progress bar and in the playlist.
releaseCountry The country where this edition was released. Can be the full country name or a 2-letter country code. Only used to display the flag image in the metadata grid
title The title of the currently playing track. By default includes song title translation Above the progress bar, and anywhere else the song title is shown, but not in the library or playlist
tracknum How the tracknumber should be shown Above the progress bar and to the left of the song title
vinyl_side The vinyl side if it exists. “A”, “B”, etc. Analogous to %discnumber% for non-vinyl albums, but will always be shown if it exists and “Use vinyl style numbering” is enabled Above the progress bar and in the playlist
vinyl_tracknum The track number on the vinyl side Above the progress bar and in the playlist
year Only the four-digit year, regardless if %date% contains a YYYY-MM-DD value In the upper right corner when playing a song and in the playlist header if “show full date” is disabled

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