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There are a number of components which Georgia either relies on for certain aspects of functionality, or will make life easier for you as a user of the theme. foo_spider_monkey_panel is required as part of installation so it is not listed here.

  • foo_playcount - This is probably already installed in your fb2k, but if not you should get it.
  • foo_enhanced_playcount - A component I wrote to extend functionality that foo_playcount does not provide, including retrieving scrobbles. Not required, but if detected, Georgia takes advantage of much of the functionality it provides.
  • foo_musicbrainz by Dremora, mark2k3, and myself - Georgia doesn’t rely on this tagger, but the tag fields it writes to are the defaults that Georgia uses. I’m the current maintainer of this project and will be extending its features to better support fields that Georgia supports.

Optional Components

The following are components which you can choose to install, but are not required.

  • foo_uihacks - UIHacks allows you to disable certain aspects of foobar itself (title bars for one) but may cause instability or break other components. It is typically safe to use, but install at your own risk. Download it here.
  • Columns UI by musicmusic - An alternative to the Default UI. I use this in my personal setup, but it is not required.
  • foo_jesus by Yrkha - Auto-save and backup your configuration, playlists and metadb files. Everyone should have this installed in case something gets corrupted in your foobar install.

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