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v2.0.3 - 2020-05-22


  • Added new options for spinning cdArt including # of images to cache and how frequently to update. Be warned: Setting these numbers to high can drastically increase memory and CPU usage. Also if you are attempting to display lyrics and have a very high setting for redraw speed, the theme may become unresponsive.
  • If you have a Lyric Show 3 panel in your theme (recommended to add it hidden), lyrics will automatically be downloaded and will be displayed in the theme as soon as they are available.
  • New option to not show the song title above the timeline bar, and instead show the album title there.
  • Lyrics settings added to options menu


  • Playlist smooth scrolling can now be disabled in the Options menu
  • Library Panel has been (mostly) updated to a newer version of the code that should be slightly easier to maintain
  • Improved scrollbar functionality in library and playlist
  • Scrollbars in library now look much more like the nicer library scrollbars
  • Replaced lodash with a slimmed down copy which is 25% of the size (4k lines vs 18k), and also switched from lodash functions to native functions whenever possible. Hope is this will be faster at both load and runtime.
  • Partially selected text in library search now more legible
  • Library search for a string fully contained in the word “audio” (i.e. “Dio”, “io”, “audio”, etc.) no longer retuns your entire library
  • No longer crashing if your files contain DATE fields not in standard YYYY-MM-DD format (i.e. YYYY-DD-MM or MM-DD-YYYY)


  • Smooth scrolling in the playlist had several issues which have been addressed and fixed
  • The play/pause button in the playlist at times could be visible over the tracknumber
  • Stopped some crashes that could occur in weird (and hard to reproduce situations)

v2.0.2 - 2020-03-26


  • Rewrote volume bar code and removed tooltips in favor of on screen volume display.
  • Prefetching first 10 artworks in playlist
  • config file now contains a defaultSortString value which will apply to all playlists generated by hyperlinks, or by selecting files in the library
  • Added limited support for foo_discogs and 3 values in the metadata grid (“Label”, “Catalog #”, and “Release Country”) were updated to their new defaults. If you need to reset these consult your backed up config file.


  • Spinning cdArt. This is somewhat experimental, increases CPU usage, and depending on screen resolution it can increase foobar’s memory footprint up to 1GB.
  • Option to always show bitrate and sample rate in playlist (thanks noblesigma)
  • Smooth scrolling in the playlist


  • In some cases, embedded lyrics cannot be retrieved by foobar. Added an onscreen explanation of how to fix this problem.
  • Always updating artwork when source is a stream
  • Fixed crash in volume bar introduced in 2.0.0
  • “Expand” was always disabled in the Library right click menu
  • Lyrics could not be loaded for songs or artists with a : in the title.
  • Play/Pause transport button was not being updated when a song started/stopped

v2.0.1 - 2020-03-02


  • Potential crash when switching from album with cdArt to one without
  • Artwork not updating when leaf directory had the same name even if full paths were different
  • Volume bar fill not being visible in some color combinations

v2.0.0 - 2020-03-01


  • foo_jscript_panel replaced with foo_spider_monkey_panel
  • Lyrics code completely rewritten – now faster, less buggy, and requires half the code.
  • Theme update checks happen once a day if enabled
  • Simplified script initialization (no more pasting contents of Georgia.txt into Configuration panel after initial setup time)
  • Artwork is no longer reloaded/parsed unnecessarily when changing tracks quickly (prevents flashes of wrong theme color)
  • Replicated theme background on theme startup so theme never shows the ugly white background
  • Updating track information when on_playback_dynamic_info_track is called.
  • Stopped text now shows “foobar” and version. This is configurable and you can set it back to “foobar plays music” which was the old default
  • Improve visibility of progress bar when art primary color is too dark (i.e. close to the background color)
  • Improved readability/contrast of text in playlist/library when light/bright artwork is displayed
  • Now caching artist logos


  • Transport control settings added to config file
  • Lyrics filename patterns can be specified in the config file
  • Config file can be edited/reset from the settings menu
  • Added new icon set (and menu option to select) based on icons created by @Zephyr0ck
  • Now works with foo_ui_hacks to show min/max/close buttons when applicable and moves UI elements accordingly
  • Transport button spacing now configurable (thanks @notsigma)
  • Allow filtering out of cd.jpgs from showing with rest of artwork
  • Added option for showing full date in playlist header
  • Showing release country flag if the tf.releaseCountry field is set
  • Automatically generating and reading preferences from georgia-config.jsonc


  • Fixed display issues with Playlist » Group Presets manager
  • Fixed regression with Queue’d items not showing in playlist (disappeared in 2.0 rewrite)
  • Improved config version upgrades
  • When using hyperlinks to search, if current playing song is in results, it will show as playing

v1.1.9 - 2020-07-10

  • Fix library panel not showing tracks with foo_jscript_panel 2.4.x
  • Allow specifying a custom cdart filename
  • No longer show “0000” for date
  • Allow override of playlist row_h
  • Fix issues related to font-sizes in playlist header
  • Prevent labels in playlist header from being drawn over group info
  • Handle hyperlinks searching for albums with editions listed

v1.1.8 - 2020-05-09

  • Random now actually randomizes playlist
  • Fixed volume control issues
  • Improved tooltip handling for buttons
  • Fixed issues with expanded volume bar disappearing and it’s appearance in 4k mode
  • Fixed crash when deleting last playlist
  • CD Rotation values were bogus
  • Refactored all menus using new Menu helper class, which cut menu code length in half and made adding new options much easier
  • Fixed crash when using weblinks
  • Playlist row and header fonts are scalable through Options » Playlist settings
  • Option to move transport controls below artwork
  • Visual improvements in 4k mode (ensuring spacing between elements is scaled correctly)
  • Adding Georgia entries to “Help” menu to quickly debug if the theme is installed correctly
  • Added tooltips on hovering over timeline
  • Adjust menu font sizes through options menu
  • Adjust transport button sizes through options menu

v1.1.7 - 2020-04-11

  • Invert logos when theme primary color is dark (requires foo_jscript_panel v2.3.6)
  • Fixed crash when clicking the hyperlink to upgrade. Sorry!
  • Fixed crash when managing grouping presets
  • Added volume control
  • Album labels in playlist are now hyperlinks
  • Fixed some date timezone issues
  • Improved playlist look when tags don’t have a genre

v1.1.6 - 2019-11-13

  • Fixed startup crashes when creating buttons
  • Drag & Drop issues
  • Simplified date and timezone handling
  • Cleaned up georgia.txt
  • Improved support for foo_youtube

v1.1.5 - 2019-10-22

  • Fixes for foo_jscript_panel 2.3.x
  • Removed unneeded files
  • Updating fonts

v1.1.4 - 2019-08-29

  • Add check for updates

v1.1.3 - 2019-08-28

  • Fixed broken dates
  • Fixed anti-aliasing on elapsed time when playlist is shown

v1.1.2 - 2019-08-27

  • Playlist should always draw correctly now
  • Dates should never show as “0000”
  • Year now uses $if3(%original release date%,%originaldate%,%date%)
  • ArtCaching was using the wrong values to scale. Corrected
  • Ticks on the timeline should never show overlap the album art

v1.1.1 - 2019-08-11

  • Crash on startup when display playlist on startup set

v1.1.0 - 2019-08-10

  • Dark mode (new default)! Switch between the two in the options menu
  • A ton more 4k fixes
  • reiniting playlist when 4k mode switches to avoid scrollbar issues
  • accurate date difference code based on human accepted norms of what a date difference is (i.e. 1 month ago)
  • correctly handling forbidden characters when attempting to find artwork/files
  • better sorting of results when clicking on hyperlinks
  • searching dates by year only
  • Fixed a bunch of issues with Multi-channel display
  • Highlight colors in library/playlist should still allow text to be legible
  • Drastically reduced console spam

v1.0.1 - 2019-01-23

  • Fix some 4k scaling issues
  • auto load library 10s after startup for better response time
  • fix crash in jscript 2.2.0+
  • variable font sizing for artist string

v1.0.0 - 2018-11-03

  • First official release

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